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Police Use Technology to Track Down DUI Offenders

Police in Victoria are cracking down on the roadways this holiday season using a variety of techniques to apprehend drivers. They will utilize automatic number-plate recognition technology to catch unlicensed drivers. This technology will be housed in ten vans that will be stationed around Victoria to capture drivers who are unlicensed, disqualified, or driving with expired tags.

Deputy Commissioner Ken Lay cites unauthorized drivers as the reason why road tolls are so high right now. He added that "thirteen percent of our road toll is attributed ot people who haven't got a license or are unregistered or drink and drive when they have an interlock fitted."

This technology has already checked over 1.1 million plates. As a result 15,000 infringement orders have been sent out. In addition, the deputy commissioner announced that 1 million drivers will be given a breath test in the upcoming months.

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