Police Chase Ends in DUI Arrest

After a 120 mph chase from East Los Angeles ended on Garden Grove Boulevard, a DUI suspect has been taken into custody by California Highway Patrol officers. The woman is believed to have been driving under the influence of alcohol. The chase began around 11:12 pm when she "failed to yield" and drove away from the CHP officer who pursued her at 90 mph and faster.

The officer was quick to state that their preliminary assessment of the situation is to consider this a DUI charge but they were not commenting fully on it.

Officers pursued the woman on surface streets, the San Gabriel River (605) Freeway, the Santa Ana (5) Freeway, and into Orange County, reaching speeds up to 120 mph, according to officer Anthony Martin. The chase finally ended at 11:44 PM when the woman was taken into custody just west of Knott Street.

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