Mayor Fred Smith arrested for DUI despite probable innocence!

In a recent event in Buena Park, CA, Mayor Fred Smith was pulled over by a law enforcement officer on suspicion of drunk driving. Officer Reyes apparently stopped Mayor Smith due to behavior that Reyes believed strongly indicated intoxication.

Reyes pulled Mayor Smith over for "straddling lanes." After Reyes believed he detected that there was a smell of alcohol on Mayor Smith's breath and following an apparently failed field sobriety test, Reyes arrested Mayor Smith, and he was charged for DUI.

Mayor Smith however, states that he had consumed no alcohol, having only Diet Coke and fish oil in his system, which evidence suggests is true. Mayor Smith believes that the stop and arrest was made only as retaliation for Smith's political decisions.

Mayor Smith was leaving a party Monday night, from which he believes he was followed by the officers in an attempt to catch him for intoxicated driving as retaliation for a recent decision made by Mayor Smith. The decision was in regards to the replacement of Police Chief Tom Monson with Capt. Corey Sianez at the time of Monson's retirement, a decision which is unpopular with some officers.

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