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4 Time DUI Offender Arrested Again

Getting arrested was no surprise for a 4-time DUI offender in California this week. The suspect was arrested when California Highway Patrol officers saw him speeding on southbound Highway 101. They attempted to pull him over on the highway but he continued onto Todd Road and then left the highway.

When they finally got him to stop they asked for identification which he didn't have. He stated that his name was Angel Chavez Meza, 32, of Petaluma; he was also lacking proof of insurance. Officers Blair Hardcastle and David Stewart suspected him of being under the influence and, after conducting a DUI investigation, arrested him for intoxication.

A woman riding in the car with him, Angelina Patricia Tolliver, was also arrested when officers realized that she had an outstanding warrant out for her.

When they were booked into the Sonoma County Jail and fingerprinted, it was then that the officers discovered that Meza was actually Antonio Chavez Meza who is a multiple DUI offender.

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