Teenage DUI Offender to Face Evaluation

In the state of California, it has been reported that a teenager who pled guilty to manslaughter in July for the death of two of his classmates will undergo a mandatory 90 day evaluation. 

On May 11, 2009 at around 2:30 AM, Jared Nobel Berggren crashed his pickup truck into a tree in Fullerton.  During the crash, two of his passengers were ejected and died at the scene of the accident.  Both 19 year old Jacquelyn Ardalan and 19-year-old Miles Christensen were killed.

Police say that the accident occurred after a night of drinking.  Berggren faced two counts of gross vehicular manslaughter and a penalty for causing great bodily injury.  Even though he initially pled not guilty, he later changed his plea to guilty on the manslaughter charge and now faces a 14 year sentence.

Berggren also suffered serious injuries during the accident.  After the crash, he provided a blood sample and his BAC was .1%, well over the legal limit for adults and minors.  New sources say that Berggren will be evaluated by the California Department of Corrections before his sentencing in November and their  evaluation will weigh heavily on his penalties.

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