New Monitoring Device Gathers People's Blood Alcohol Levels through Their Skin

In upcoming years, it is possible that motor vehicles may be able to detect that a driver is under the influence of alcohol through his or her skin.  If vehicles were to detect that drivers are under the influence, the vehicles' engines will not start.

Last week, U.S. Senator Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) was in Elmira promoting a bill that would provide funding for the research of vehicle alcohol testing devices.  With the funding, the aforementioned scenario could become reality.

Schumer said, "There's a real chance for a tremendous breakthrough that doesn't prosecute drunk driving after the act, but prevents it."  The Senator also said that sensors in vehicles, placed on steering wheels and seats, could detect drivers' blood alcohol levels.  Alcohol-sensing bracelets are an example of this technology.

Senator Schumer is aggressively promoting the ROADS SAFE Act of 2010, or Senate Bill 3039, which would give the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration $60 million over the next five years to figure out whether or not such an alcohol-detecting device would produce accurate results and be affordable.

Like alcohol-monitoring bracelets, the new device would detect "through sweat that is always coming out of your pores, even when you can't feel it, the legal limit of alcohol," stated Schumer.  At this time, Schumer is uncertain whether the federal government would require devices to be installed in vehicles if devices were perfected. 

"We'll cross that bridge when we come to it," he said. "And we would leave it up to each state to decide what they want to do."  The Senator is hopeful that if the Act is approved and such devices are perfected, drunk driving could be eliminated altogether.

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