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Lindsay Lohan's DUI Case Concludes

This week, actress Lindsay Lohan's highly publicized DUI case has concluded.  After her release from rehabilitation, the actress was granted full driving privileges.

Lindsey had to serve 14 days in jail and 22 days in rehabilitation following her 2007 DUI conviction. The sentence came about after she violated probation numerous times. However, she only served a fraction of her original 90 day jail sentence due to "overcrowding" in the prison.

Throughout the week, Lohan made headlines after she went to a DMV to get her license reinstated and then drove her Maserati around West Hollywood.

Due to the case, the city of Los Angeles and its judges, district attorneys and police officers have been criticized and accused of offering unequal treatment to Lohan compared to others who were charged with similar offenses.  Yet, the criticism does not seem to be a problem as Lindsay will remain out of jail as long as she makes effort to attend her mandatory therapy sessions.

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