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Lawnmower Rider Charged with DUI

On Saturday, the Marion County Sheriff's office received a phone call about someone riding a lawnmower on a road in Anthony at 11:30 PM.

After receiving reports, a deputy stopped the man who was riding a red craftsman lawnmower that was heading east in the westbound lane without any lights.

The driver of the lawnmower, Richard Paschen, was holding a cup containing beer in a cup holder. When stopped, Deputy Gary Miller asked the Paschen how much he had drank and Paschen said, "a pretty good bit". 

After failing field sobriety tests, they lawnmower rider was placed under arrest for driving under the influence. At the Marion County Jail, he refused to take a breath test. When questioned by police, Paschen said that he has so manyDUI charges that he has lost count.

Upon pulling his record, police saw he had three prior DUI convictions and that his driver's license has been suspended seven times. One of the suspensions was permanent.

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