Huntington Beach Police Department May Post Names of DUI Offenders

In an attempt to reduce instances of drunk driving, the Huntington Beach Police Department is considering posting the names of DUI suspects on its website.  In a report submitted to the City Council this month, officers said that driving under the influence is a "significant problem" in Huntington Beach.  By publicly posting offenders' names, it hopes to send a strong message that police are cracking down.

When asked about posting names on the Department's site, Lt. Russell Reinhart said, "Public awareness of the problem, and scope of the problem, is one way of addressing any public safety concern."

The Department started to consider publishing names of people who were arrested for DUI after a local newspaper, the Huntington Beach Independent, stopped publishing a weekly list of offenders in December due to a change in editorial policy.

Huntington Beach would not be the first county in Southern California to engage in this practice as the city of Orange County and city of Irvine already post names.

Police in Huntington Beach say that in the last three years, they have made an average of 1,700 DUI arrests annually. 

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