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Girl Runs over Officer and Faces Underage DUI

This week, a 19 year old from San Diego that was partying in Tijuana was arrested and placed in jail.  Reports indicate that the girl, Jenny Garth, was driving under the influence when she ran over a police officer.

Police say that Garth had spent the night drinking and partying at La Plaza Del Zapato, which is a popular hangout in Tijuana.  After midnight, Garth drove in her 2003 Toyota Camry and struck a police officer who was directing traffic on a busy street.  The 21 year old officer had to be rushed to the hospital.

Authorities say that Garth failed her breath test and field sobriety tests.  At this time, detectives are not releasing too much information about the 19 year old and have asked Mexican Officials to keep the case quiet while they investigate.

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