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George Michael Arrested for DUI of Drugs in London

Today, it has been announced that singer George Michael is facing charges of marijuana possession and driving under the influence. Michael was arrested last month after he crashed his Range Rover into a store on the side of a road in London.

In 2007, Michael pled guilty to driving under the influence of drugs. As a result, he was banned from driving for two years and was released on bail.

Footage obtained of the crash showed the singer's car going over the curb and crashing into a store or by the name of Snappy Snaps.  Michael then climbed out of his vehicle and when police came he told them he had not been drinking.  He was not administered a breath test, but later he was tested for drugs.

In 2006, Michael was arrested twice and charged with possession of marijuana after police found him slumped over the wheel of his car on roads in England.  After his arrests, he told news sources that he was once addicted to prescription drugs and that he smokes marijuana regularly.

In 2008, George Michael was arrested in a public bathroom and charged with the possession of drugs, which included crack cocaine. He was released on a warning.

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