How Did MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Drivers) Come to Be

Candice Lightner, divorced mother of three, has accepted the fact that she will be grieving for the rest of her life.

Her daughter, Carrie, was thirteen years old when she was killed by a repeat offender drunk driver. Candice's anger drove her to want to strike back because she was MAD, and from that sadness and anger came the now nationally-known organization MADD. She gave up her job as a real estate agent and went to work full-time with her new group. In the year 1980, when her daughter Carrie was killed, records show that 27,000 people died that year in alcohol-related crashes.

One of Lightener's main goals was to get the agreement of judges, law enforcement and communities to be intolerant of drunk drivers and bring this viewpoint to both local and national levels. She turned a tragedy into a national movement. She is now back into real estate but her mark has been made on society and it seems everyone has heard about MADD.

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