Law Enforcement Deputies Involved in DUI Related Accidents

Recently, there were two cases where Sheriff's deputies were involved in DUI related accidents.  Matthew Cheeks, an Orange County Sheriff's Deputy, may be facing DUI charges after crashing his truck into a light pole last Friday.  Robert Moran, a Los Angeles County Sheriff's Deputy was convicted of a DUI and injuring two people after crashing into their car. He was sentenced to home confinement, a three-month treatment program including a Mothers Against Drunk Driving panel meeting and three years informal probation.  If you have been arrested by either one of these deputies, give our law offices a call at 949-585-7400.  You may have some legal options to pursue depending on your case. 

In Orange County a DUI conviction carries stiff penalties.  These include:
1) jail time, 2) monetary fines, 3) community service, 4) DUI school, 5) license suspension, 6) probation, 7) ignition interlock device.  In addition, a person's sentence may be increased if they caused a DUI related accident with bodily injury to another person. 

It is important that you seek the advice of a skilled DUI attorney immediately should this happen to you.  We can provide you with information and service that you can rely upon.  Visit us at or  Scheduling an appointment is fast and easy.  We are here to help people through these difficult times.

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