Will New Ignition Interlock Technology Be Required in All States?

Two U.S. senators have announced their plan for reducing drunk driving nationwide. Their plan requires all 50 states to put an "electric cop" on the dashboard of vehicles being driven by people convicted of DUI, even if it's their first offense. Any state that fails to comply would lose a portion of its federal transportation funding.

The "electric cop" combines ignition interlock technology with an in-car breathalyzer. Before the engine can start, the driver must blow into the device.  If the driver's breath alcohol result is too high, the car will not start. Drivers would be required to keep this device in their vehicles for six months after their conviction.

Multiple states already have enacted similar laws. In California, the state legislature created a 66-month pilot project that mandates interlock devices to be installed for DUI offenders in Alameda, Los Angles, and Sacramento Counties. The length of time the device is installed depends on how many DUI convictions the defendant has on his or her record. If the project proves to be successful, the state is expected to mandate the installation of these devices in all counties.

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