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The Truth About Field Sobriety Tests

Field sobriety tests are standard procedure in a DUI police stop.  These tests are conducted on the side of the road to determine if a person suspected of drunk driving is actually too intoxicated to operate a vehicle. 

There are three main field sobriety tests that officers in Orange County typically use:

  • Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus
  • Walk and Turn Test
  • One Leg Stand Test

While all of these tests in theory are a good way to gauge a driver's level of intoxication, in reality they can be very misleading and incredibly inaccurate.  There are number of reasons why even a sober person might fail a field sobriety test, for example:

  • Poor roadside conditions
  • Poor weather conditions
  • The driver's type of footwear
  • Distraction from headlights or traffic
  • A natural lack of balance or coordination
  • A pre-existing illness, injury, or disability
  • The officer did not give clear instructions
  • The officer's opinion is biased

Experienced DUI Defense in Orange County

If you have been arrested for DUI after taking one or more standardized field sobriety test, do not waste any time in contacting Orange County DUI attorney Virginia Landry. These tests are extremely subjective, and it is left to the discretion of the officer to decide whether or not to place someone under arrest.  Unlike a breathalyzer test, these tests are not based on any scientific data or formula; it is purely based on the officer's opinion.

At the Law Offices of Virginal L. Landry, you can trust we will fight your charges aggressively, and will not hesitate to question the police officer's motives and actions the night you were arrested.  Our job is to help you beat your charges to avoid a conviction--and this is exactly what we intend to do.

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