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Celebrities and DUI

It seems as if every month another celebrity is arrested for driving under the influence, and the last couple of months have not been any different.  Last month, both reality TV star Shayne Lamas and Senator John Kerry's daughter, Alexandra Kerry, were arrested for DUI. 

It seems like celebrities arrested for DUI get preferential treatment.  We all remember when actress Lindsey Lohan was arrested for DUI.  Not only was she caught driving under the influence, but her blood alcohol concentration was nearly twice the legal limit and she was found with cocaine in her possession.  In the end, she was ordered to spend only one day in jail.  If a non-celebrity were convicted of the same offense, would they receive the same sentence?  No.

Living so close to Hollywood and Los Angeles, it can be difficult to separate ourselves from the glamour of celebrities' lifestyles. It's important to remember that if you or I were to be convicted of the same offenses as Lindsay, you can be sure we would be sentenced to a lot more than one day in jail. 

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